Is it true this rumor about the BMW i3


During last May the German brand announced that its BMW i3 extended its range to 300 kilometers autonomy with the addition of a new battery. This news was seen materialized from the summer when BMW began marketing electric city with the new battery of 33 kWh. This battery occupies the same space, and improve on what was offered above is of no less than 33%. Meanwhile, the dynamic performance remained unchanged.

Two or three weeks ago we talked about the future of the BMW i3. This was the first car brand BMW I subsidiary, offering at dealers worldwide in late 2013 or early 2014, depending on the market. We commented that sales of the BMW i3 were not very numerous, and it is hard to see units of this model through the streets.

bmw-i3-33-kwh-2The project manager of the BMW i3, Heinrich Schwackhoefer, recently said to Automotive News that we could expect a generational change of the BMW i3, but could not comment on when it would be real and come to our streets. He also commented that the project internally i3 is not seen as a failure despite its low number of sales.

It turns out that a German newspaper called Welt am Sonntag, said that a thorough review might appear in small urban electric BMW in the coming year 2017. In addition to a generous aesthetic change with new shapes and design, appear dynamic improvements in the battery capacity is concerned. According to German media, equip a new battery that would extend autonomy over 300 current i3 kilometers, although growth range would be less than 50%, i.e., would be between 300 and 450 kilometers of autonomy on a single charge.